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Car Sponges 3pk

Product code: WE2-013

  • £1.69

3 Jumbo Car Wash Sponges Car Washing Shampoo Sponge Soft Cleaning Valet Car Care

Pack of 3 oval car sponges.

This pack of 3 oval car sponges is a practical and versatile car cleaning accessory designed for various automotive cleaning and maintenance tasks. These sponges are shaped in an oval form designed for a better grip and coverage when cleaning your vehicle. Each sponge measures approximately L19cm x W10cm x D4.5cm.

These sponges are made from durable sponge material ensuring that they are soft enough to avoid scratching your vehicle's surface while being effective at removing dirt, grime, and residue. They can be used for various automotive cleaning tasks, including washing the exterior of your car, applying wax or polish, cleaning wheels and tires, or scrubbing interior surfaces.

The soft and absorbent nature of these sponges allows them to hold water and cleaning solutions effectively, ensuring thorough and efficient cleaning without leaving streaks or watermarks. The sponge material is designed to be gentle on your vehicle's surfaces, minimising the risk of scratches, swirl marks, or other damage that could occur with harsh or abrasive materials.

These sponges come in a pack of three, ensuring you have extras for various cleaning needs or for replacement when one becomes worn. Each sponge is durable and long-lasting, with the ability to withstand repeated use. After use, you can rinse the sponges to remove dirt and cleaning solutions, allowing them to be reused multiple times.

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