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MYO Mini Cracker Red HoHoHo

Product code: WE2A-007

  • £1.99

6 Make & Fill Your Own Mini Christmas Crackers Gift Cracker Trad Red HoHoHo

Pack of 6 make and fill your own mini crackers. Red HoHoHo design.

Creating your own mini Christmas crackers is a delightful holiday craft that adds a personal touch to your festive celebrations. These charming homemade crackers are a labour of love, filled with surprises and the joy of anticipation.

Inside these miniature marvels, you can insert small, thoughtful gifts, trinkets, or messages tailored to each recipient. The traditional cracker snap is placed within, ensuring the satisfying "pop" that brings a sense of merriment to the occasion. Handwritten notes or jokes can also be tucked inside, adding an extra layer of charm.

To complete your mini Christmas crackers, the carboard templates are gently rolled and secured with decorative ribbon at each end. A twist at the middle creates the classic cracker shape. Once assembled, each cracker measures approximately 16cm in length x 4cm in width. Personalised name tags can be attached, making them not only a delightful treat but also a place card for your festive table.

When it's time to celebrate, a simple tug at both ends of the cracker creates an exciting burst, revealing the hidden treasures within. These DIY mini Christmas crackers are a testament to the thought and care you've put into your holiday festivities, embodying the spirit of giving and togetherness that defines the season.

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