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Security Bolt Key

Security Bolt Key

Product code: G3-009

  • £2.69

ERA Window & Door Security Bolt Key Splined Steel Key Interior & Exterior 37.5mm

ERA Window & Door Security Bolt Key

A splined window and door security bolt key is a specific tool designed to operate a splined security bolt used in windows and doors. These security bolts are often employed to enhance the safety and security of residential or commercial properties. The key is an essential component for locking and unlocking the security bolts.

The key features a splined design that matches the corresponding pattern on the security bolt. This ensures a secure and precise fit, allowing the key to engage with the bolt mechanism effectively. The key is made of durable steel a sturdy material, ensuring its strength and longevity.

The key is specifically sized to match the dimensions of the splined security bolt it is intended to operate. In this case, the key has a length of 37.5mm, providing the necessary reach to engage with the bolt mechanism.

For use with 837/8 security bolt.

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