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90cm Soft Acrylic Gnome

Product code: P000-010

  • £72.99

Soft Acrylic Chrismas Gonk Gnome Twinkling White LEDs Outdoor Garden Figure 90cm

Premier soft acrylic twinkling Gnome with white LEDs.

The acrylic light-up gnome stands proudly amidst a tranquil garden, casting an enchanting glow as day transitions into night. Crafted with meticulous detail, this whimsical garden ornament captures the essence of a mythical forest dweller. Its transparent acrylic body, resembling delicate crystal, shimmers with a subtle opalescent sheen, adding an ethereal quality to its presence.

The soft acrylic gnome stands at approximately 90cm tall. His pointed hat, in a vivid shade of red, and body in vivid green, adds a delightful splash of color to the scene. But what truly captivates the eye is the enchanting interplay of light within.

At dusk, the 100 nestled LED#s around the gnome illuminate, casting a bright white radiance that dances through its transparent form, transforming it into a mystical guardian of the garden, beckoning all to bask in its magical charm with the twinkling and static function.

The 5M cable allows plenty of space to plug in around your decorative setting. The festive figurine is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use making it a perfect addition to your festive decor. Transformer must be placed indoors or in a weatherproof box.

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