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Aero 360 Compact Moisture Trap

Product code: P035

  • £12.99

Compact AERO 360 Dehumidifier Moisture Trap UniBond Home Damp Absorber & Refill

UniBond AERO 360 compact moisture trap.

Help prevent your home from excess moisture and its consequences and create a healthy indoor climate with the UniBond AERO 360º Moisture Absorber! Included in the box is 1 Device and 1 refill tab 450g.

Are you looking to reduce excess moisture in your home? Thanks to its 360° air circulation, the AERO 360° Compact dehumidifier achieves the same results, just in a smaller device. Effectively absorbs moisture to help create a comfortable indoor climate and prevent common damp problems such as condensation, mould and musty smells.

Featuring innovative 2-in-1 refill tab technology, the moisture absorber not only reduces excess moisture but also neutralises unwanted odour. The AERO 360° tab is comprised of ultra-active crystals and its patented wave-shaped surface enhances air exposure and circulation.

Additionally, the tab includes patented anti-odour agents which capture and neutralise bad smells. The UniBond moisture absorber device also indicates when a refill is required, promising non-stop moisture control.

Convenient and safe to use , this unique AERO 360° refill tab lasts up to 3 months, depending on moisture level and room temperature. It is Ideal for rooms of up to 20m² and can be used all around the home (e.g. bedroom, living room, kitchen). It is non electric and silent, perfect for any home environment.

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