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Bathroom Cleaning Kit

Bathroom Cleaning Kit

Product code: E1-032

  • £9.99

Bathroom Cleaner Kit Limescale Remover Spray Glass Cleaner The Invisible Shield

The invisible shield bathroom protection cleaning kit.

The Invisible Shield Bathroom Protection Kit is an advanced cleaning and protection system designed to keep your bathroom surfaces sparkling clean and shielded from daily wear and tear. This kit offers a comprehensive solution to prevent the build-up of soap scum, hard water stains, and other contaminants, ensuring your bathroom remains pristine and easy to maintain.

The invisible shield limescale remover 300ml.
Easy to use liquid scale remover that safely and effectively removes calcium, hard water minerals, rust, soap scum, grease, body oils and other tough stains without the need for aggressive scrubbing. For all glass and bathroom surfaces. DO NOT use on natural marble.

Use to clean surfaces. Spray the product onto the surface and let sit for a minute or two and wipe dry. For heavier soil, use the scrub pad provided to agitate and soften soil and minerals and then wipe dry.

The invisible shield protective coating 100ml.
To protect glass, porcelain & ceramic surfaces against soil, grime and mineral build up. Apply protective coating using a soft cloth or paper towel. Apply product to cloth and wipe on to surface using firm, circular and overlapping motion. Reapply to ensure complete coverage and protection. Allow to dry and remove any excess haze by sprinkling water or polishing with a soft cloth until clear and sparkling.

The invisible shield glass and surface cleaner 300ml.
To clean and protect surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom and throughout the home. Spray the product directly onto surface and wipe to remove any soil until dry. Do the final wipe using the dry side of the cloth for a streak free shine.

Includes a microfiber cloth and applicator pad for easy and efficient application.

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