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Concentrated Vinegar 750ml

Product code: H6-034A

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Elbow Grease Concentrated Vinegar All Purpose Cleaner Descaler Degreaser 750ml

Elbow Grease concentrated vinegar 750ml

Elbow Grease Concentrated White Vinegar Cleaner is a versatile and effective cleaning product with various applications around the house. White vinegar is a natural and versatile cleaning agent known for its acidic properties. It is effective in breaking down grease, removing stains, and tackling limescale.

The concentrated formula means that the product is not diluted and can be used as is or diluted with water, depending on the cleaning task at hand. This allows for flexibility in its application. Elbow Grease Concentrated White Vinegar Cleaner can be used as a multi-surface cleaner. It is suitable for cleaning kitchen surfaces, bathroom fixtures, glass, and other hard surfaces in the home.

White vinegar is an effective degreaser, making it useful in the kitchen for cutting through grease and grime on stovetops, countertops, and kitchen appliances. The acidic nature of white vinegar makes it effective in removing limescale deposits. It can be used to descale kettles, coffee makers, and other appliances. White vinegar is also known for its deodorising properties. It can help neutralise odours in various areas of the home, such as the kitchen or bathroom.

The 750ml bottle provides a sufficient amount of concentrated white vinegar for multiple cleaning tasks. The convenient size is easy to store in your cleaning supplies.

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