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Elbow Grease Toilet Tabs

Product code: M1-046

  • £2.29

Elbow Grease Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets Fizz Action Tabs Berry Blast 10pk

Pack of 10 Elbow Grease Berry Blast Toilet Tabs.

Elbow Grease toilet bowl tabs have been designed to do the hard work for you. Simply drop a tablet into the toilet bowl and leave the foaming action to work deep into the U-bend to remove limescale, calcium and rust with ease.

Each 30g tablet releases a fresh berry blast scent, leaving your toilet smelling clean and fresh. Simply remove the tablet from its wrapper and place into the toilet bowl. Leave for 20 minutes. Brush and flush. For heavily soiled toilet bowls, use one or two tablets and leave overnight.

If only cleaning the whole bathroom was as easy!

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