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Foaming Toilet Cleaner 500g

Product code: L4-021A

  • £2.49

Elbow Grease Foaming Toilet Cleaner Limescale Remover Lemon Fresh Granules 500g

Elbow Grease foaming toilet cleaner 500g. Lemon Fresh.

DEEP FRESH CLEAN: The all new Elbow Grease Foaming Toilet Cleaner Lemon Fresh Fragrance deep cleans and freshens your toilets with a powerful foaming action. Use daily to keep your toilet clean and fresh. The foaming cleaner will also help remove limescale build up. Simply pour, let it foam, then flush for a fabulous fragrant smell and a super sparkling finish.

SELF ACTIVATING POWERFUL FOAM CLEANER: Measure 2 inner capfuls of Elbow Grease Foaming Toilet Cleaner directly into the water in the toilet bowl. Powder will immediately self activate, rising up and cleaning the toilet, releasing the Lemon Fresh fragrance, simply flush away leaving a sparkling clean toilet. Re-seal and use as required

FAST & CONVENIENT TOILET CLEANER: Elbow Grease Foaming Toilet Cleaner, quick and easy to use, suitable for daily use to keep toilets sparkling clean. For added limescale prevention, add to the toilet bowl water at the end of the day, leave overnight, flush in the morning.

HYGIENICALLY CLEAN LOO! Deep foam cleaning action in the bowl and u shaped toilet pipe, for heavy scaling, limescale and marks, add more powder, leave over night for a hygienically clean loo in the morning.

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