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White Vinegar 500ml

Product code: J6-023

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White Vinegar Tradtional Cleaning Spray Multi Purpose Cleaner & Descaler 500ml

White Vinegar 500ml

White Vinegar is a non-toxic traditional cleaning solution that has been used safely for centuries. The active ingredient in White Vinegar is acetic acid, which has both cleaning and descaling properties. Although White Vinegar has a mild odour, it gradually dissipates. This is in contrast to malt vinegar, which is unsuitable for cleaning. It's also great for a range of laundry applications.

White Vinegar is mildly acidic, making it an extremely versatile multi-purpose cleaner. Many of the marks left behind on glass surfaces like shower screens are actually limescale deposits. White vinegar is perfect for a wide range of cleaning tasks including:

Cleaning glass (including car windscreens), mirrors and surfaces.
Removing limescale from taps, draining boards, kettles and kitchen appliances.
Clean the detergent drawer and door seals of your washing machine.
Treating pet urine stains and the residual odour. White Vinegar will deter your pet from returning to the same spot.
Use occasionally in your carpet cleaning machine to help keep the water jets free of limescale. It will clean the carpet and won't leave an odour.
Use in place of standard rinse aid in your dishwasher to keep glasses from going streaky/milky and the bonus is that it will help keep the machine clean.

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