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Tilers Kit 4 Piece

Product code: WG1-015A

  • £47.99

Marshalltown 4 Piece Tilers Kit Notched Trowel Grouter Float Margin Float Sponge

Marshalltown 4 Piece Tilers Kit.

The Marshalltown Tilers Kit is a comprehensive, high-quality set of tools designed to meet the needs of professional tilers and DIY enthusiasts alike. This kit includes all the essential tools required for tiling projects, ensuring precision, efficiency, and a high standard of finish. Renowned for its durability and performance, the Marshalltown brand guarantees that each tool in this kit is crafted to withstand rigorous use while providing superior results.

Contents of the Kit:

11" x 4.5" Square Notched Trowel with Plastic Grip. This square notched trowel is ideal for applying tile adhesive evenly across surfaces. Made from high-quality, rust-resistant stainless steel. Equipped with a comfortable plastic grip that reduces hand fatigue and provides excellent control. Square notches ensure even distribution of adhesive, crucial for proper tile adhesion.

9.5" x 4" Tile Grouter's Float with Plastic Grip. Essential for applying grout smoothly between tiles, this float ensures a clean and even finish. Constructed from durable materials to withstand repeated use. Features a comfortable plastic grip, allowing for precise and controlled application of grout. Smooth, flexible base that effectively forces grout into tile joints.

6" x 2 1/3" Margin Float with Soft Grip. Perfect for detailed work and tight spaces, this margin float is designed for spreading and smoothing adhesive or grout in hard-to-reach areas. High-quality construction ensures durability and flexibility. Soft grip handle enhances comfort and reduces fatigue, offering better control during use.

Tile Grouter's Sponge. This sponge is essential for cleaning excess grout from tiles, ensuring a polished and professional finish. Made from high-density, absorbent material that effectively cleans grout residue. Large enough to cover substantial areas, yet manageable for detailed cleaning. Designed to withstand repeated use and easy to rinse and reuse.

Perfect for home improvement projects, offering a comprehensive set of tools to achieve professional results.

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