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42 Silver Clear Baubles

Product code: WK1-007

  • £14.99

42 Silver & Clear Christmas Tree Baubles Mix Real Glass Decorations Glitter Matt

Set Of 42 Glass Baubles Silver & Clear Mix.

This set of 42 glass baubles in a silver and clear mix offers a versatile and stylish addition to your Christmas ornament collection. Matt, Gloss, and Glitter Baubles: The set includes a mix of matte, glossy, and glitter-finished baubles, providing a diverse texture and visual appeal. The matte finish adds a subtle elegance, the glossy finish reflects light beautifully, and the glitter baubles introduce a touch of sparkle.

These glass baubles are versatile and can be used not only on Christmas trees but also in wreaths, garlands, or as part of tabletop or mantel decorations. Their varying sizes and finishes allow for creative and customized ornament arrangements. Add your own hanging thread or ribbon (not included) and hang your baubles as you desire.

20 x 70mm Baubles: These larger baubles, measuring 70mm in diameter, serve as prominent focal points in your Christmas tree decoration. Their size allows them to stand out and catch the light.

10 x 60mm Baubles: The mid-sized baubles, with a diameter of 60mm, contribute to a balanced and varied appearance on your tree. Their slightly smaller size complements the larger ornaments.

12 x 50mm Baubles: These smaller baubles, measuring 50mm in diameter, add intricacy and detail to your overall ornament arrangement. They can fill in gaps and create a cohesive look.

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