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3.5kg Loose Chicken Manure

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3.5kg Organic Chicken Manure Pellets Vitax 6X Poultry Manure Lawn Plant Feed

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3.5kg Loose Vitax 6X Pelleted Poultry Manure. Packed into a clear bag. 3.5kg when packed.

Six to eight times richer than farmyard manure, 6X Pelleted Poultry Manure is a popular choice amongst gardeners looking for a 100% natural fertiliser. Highly concentrated, users only need to use handfuls of pellets rather than barrowloads.

An ideal organic feed for flowers, lawns, vegetables, pot plants and baskets too, 6X Pelleted Poultry Manure contains trace elements which feed the soil. Feeds the soil rather than the plant, 6X Pelleted Poultry Manure needs to be mixed thoroughly with existing soil for maximum results. Always water plants and crops in once planted as it is the nutrient uptake through the roots which boosts growth.

6X Pelleted Poultry Manure:
Weed and bug free.
No added ingredients.
Safe for all garden life and encourages the earthworm population.

FLOWERS, VEGETABLES AND SOFT FRUIT. Two or three handfuls (135-210 g) per square metre (4 # 6oz per sq. yd.) when planting and a good handful as a top dressing when required. Avoid direct, undiluted, contact with tender young plants # scatter pellets about 50 to 80 mm (2-3 inches) away and work into surface of the soil. Repeat at 2-3 week intervals for heavy feeders such as tomatoes and beans.

ROSES. Use two or three handfuls to each rosebush when planting, one or two handfuls for established bushes when the buds begin to swell and again before the second flush of blooms. LAWNS # Aerate well, scatter two handfuls per square metre # brush well into the holes to enrich the soil under the turf. Water well. Do not use after applying other high nitrogen feeds # leave an interval of about two weeks.

LIQUID FEED. Disperse one or two handfuls of pellets in 4.5 litres water (1 gallon) to make a first class liquid feed for all plants. Avoid the use of a fine rose and agitate the mixture frequently during use. Any residue can be used as a mulch on garden soil. Especially good for tomatoes or cucumbers in grow bags.

POT-PLANTS, HANGING BASKETS and WINDOW BOXES . About two handfuls of 6X to a bucket of potting medium. Top up with a pinch or two of pellets every two or three weeks in the growing season. Water in well.

COMPOSTING. Scatter a handful of pellets into each layer of garden waste added to the compost heap to enrich the compost and add trace elements.

LIME. Never apply lime and 6X at the same time. Allow at least three weeks and some wet weather after applying the lime.

SOIL CONDITIONING. 6X feeds the soil rather than the plant. The rate of application, therefore, depends on your soil. Any amount will have a positive effect. Within reason, it is virtually impossible to add too much. Be sure to mix 6X thoroughly with the soil and avoid contact between unmixed manure and young delicate plants as, in common with any high nitrogen feed, it will be too rich. This could initially set back very young plants if not properly mixed and watered in. Plants only obtain their nourishment via their roots and therefore....

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