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Doff Concentrated Weed Killer 10 Sachet

Product code: H1-003B

  • £12.99

Doff Advanced Concentrated Weed Killer Soluble Kills Roots 10 x 80ml Sachet Tub

Doff Advanced Concentrated Weed Killer 10 Sachet bucket.

Doff Advanced Concentrated Weedkiller is a highly effective glyphosate based weedkiller. A systematic weedkiller for the control of annual and deep rooted perennial weeds such as grasses, docks, nettles, willowherb, dandelion and many more. One 80ml sachet can be diluted with water to treat over 30 square metres making it ideal for clearing wasteland.

This powerful weedkiller destroys most weeds down to the roots with a single application! Can also be used to stop cut trees and stumps from re-sprouting and to kill climbing ivy. Contains 90g/l Glyphosate, a potent herbicide that targets and kills a wide range of common and stubborn weeds down to the root. Not suitable for use on lawns.

Each sachet contains a concentrated dose of weedkiller, allowing for efficient and economical use. One sachet can cover a large area, ensuring comprehensive weed control. The soluble formula makes it easy to mix and apply. Simply dissolve the contents of one sachet in water and apply to the affected areas with a sprayer.

Pack contains 10 x 80ml single use sachets.

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