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Algon Fence Cleaner 2.5L

Product code: I1-010

  • £6.99

Algon Organic Fence Furniture Cleaner Concentrated Algae Remover Pet Safe 2.5L

Algon Fence Cleaner 2.5L

Algon Fence Cleaner is a newly developed product that is more specifically able to target cleaning vertical wooden surfaces such as fences, wooden garden structures, outdoor wooden furniture, pergolas etc.

It has the same quality organic active ingredient as Algon Patio Cleaner but a different surfactant along with a different concentration of both the active ingredient and surfactant. When diluted to use it clings to vertical surfaces for longer, slowing the absorption of the active ingredient and effectively cleans the surface.

It is similar in the way that Algon Patio Cleaner works whereby It#s gentle and natural. It is safe for pets, wildlife, non-toxic and biodegradable.

To apply dilute the product 4 parts water to 1 part Algon Fence Cleaner, this is different to the standard Patio Cleaner dilution of 3 parts water to 1 part Algon. We also recommend applying with either a garden sprayer on larger areas or a paintbrush to be more specific on parts of fence panels or furniture/planters.

The container is a 2.5ltr concentrate in a purple bottle. The packaging is fully recyclable. The coverage of the container is approximately 75 sq.metre.

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