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Arbex Seal & Heal 300g

Product code: M1-027

  • £9.49

Provanto Arbex Seal & Heal Cut Tree Pruning Wound Protector Tree Stump Seal 300g

Provanto Arbex Seal & Heal 300g

When a tree is cut, the exposed wood is open to attack from damp, frost and harmful organisms. Provanto Arbex seal and heal helps to seal pruning wounds. It protests until the natural callus is produced.

The pesticide free, naturally occurring active ingredient formular comes in a ready to use brush pack for easy and convenient application. Squeeze the bottle to charge the brush and apply evenly over the cut surface until a thin layer is achieved. Ensure the tree wound is thoroughly cleaned and all loose bard is removed prior to application.

Application should be made in dry conditions. It can be applied in frost conditions down to -10 degrees c.

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