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Bonsai Soluble Plant Feed 200g

Bonsai Soluble Plant Feed 200g

Product code: F0-014

  • £4.49

Bonsai Soluble Plant Food High Phosphorus Potash Healthy Growth Strong Root 200g

Bonsai soluble plant food 200g

Feeding Bonsai during the growth season is essential for survival, and requires a feed developed specifically to meet the tree#s needs. A specially formulated soluble feed, Bonsai Feed has relatively high phosphorus and potash levels to strengthen stems and root systems.

Soluble and suitable for most bonsai species.
Suitable for ericaceous or lime-hating plants.
Strengthens stems and root systems.

As Bonsai are grown in pots, they need to be fertilised regularly to help replace the nutrients taken out of the soil without causing excessive, lush top growth. To meet those needs, Bonsai Feed should be applied every two weeks from March to October. Indoor Bonsai trees can be fed throughout the year.

Always remember to water Bonsai trees when the soil appears dry. Bonsai Feed can be stored indefinitely, re-sealed tightly and stored in a cool, dry place.

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