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Fox Deterrent 750ml

Product code: E5-029

  • £6.29

Stay Off Fox Deterrent Spray Wild Animal Repellent Garden Flower Beds Bins 750ml

Stay Off Fox Deterrent 750ml

A year-round deterrent which will keep foxes and other animals at bay and prevent them from causing extensive damage to the garden and outdoor areas. Odourless to humans, the deterrent is ideal for use around bins, lawns, patios, paths and garden beds as well as ornamental borders and driveways.

Humane, no harm to wildlife of plants.
Non systemic.

Can be used on edible and non-edible crops.

A ready-to-use spray, Stay Off Fox Deterrent is an astringent that foxes and other domestic animals find unpleasant. Easy to use, simply spray before or immediately after the first signs of damage or fouling. Before application clear the area of fouling and rinse with a weak detergent and allow to dry before product application.

Can be used to deter other animals such as birds, deer and hares. For use all year round.

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