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MG Nourish & Protect 1.2kg

Product code: D8-007

  • £9.99

Miracle-Gro Seaweed Lawn Food Fertiliser Nourish Protect 2 In 1 Lawn Care 1.2kg

Miracle-Gro 2 In 1 nourish & protect seaweed lawn food 1.2kg

Miracle-Gro# 2 in 1 Nourish & Protect Seaweed Lawn Food feeds the lawn with all the nutrients it needs, and simultaneously the seaweed builds up the immune system of the lawn to withstand heat and frost. The feed is pesticide free, contains NPK 14-0-7 with calcium, magnesium and iron and should be used March-September.

The lawn food can be applied by hand but for best results we recommend using a Miracle-Gro# Spreader for even and easy application..

BY SPREADER: For even and easy application, we recommend using one of the Miracle-Gro# Spreaders. See spreader settings below. Water in directly after application.

BY HAND: Wear protective gloves before hand application. First spread 15g-30g over 1m² for visual guide, then mark your lawn form even application. Water in after application.

Do not mow the lawn for 2 days after application to allow the product time to begin to work. Covers 80m2 approximately.

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