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Multi Purpose Plant Food 500ml

Product code: K9-023

  • £1.69

Multi Purpose Liquid Plant Food Concentrate Eazifeed For Fruit Veg Flowers 500ml

Eazifeed Multipurpose Grow Easy 500ml.

Multipurpose grow easy is a high quality food source with a balanced nutrient system that will encourage and aid strong healthy growth giving high yields of full flavour fruits and vegetables and more abundant and bigger blooms that will last longer.

The unique surfactant system enhances the wetting and spreading of the liquid to improve distribution and uptake. Contains nitrogen 3.5%. Phosphorus pentoxide 3.5%. Potassium oxide 3.5%.

This concentrated plant feed can be used on a wide range of flowers, shrubs, fruits and vegetables, promoting full flavoured edible crops. Perfect for use around the garden, in the greenhouse, in pots, hanging baskets, flower beds, borders and seed trays.

500ml will make up to 148L. Recommended to apply every 7-10 days.

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