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Rose Clear Plant Shield 800ml

Product code: C3-030

  • £7.59

Rose Clear Plant Shield Spray Pesticide Free Bug Killer Fungus Control 800ml

RoseClear Plant Shield Spray 800ml

RoseClear Plant Shield Spray is a 98% natural ingredient, patent-pending pesticide-free formula that protects plants from pests and diseases such as aphids, rust and black spot.

This product is ideal for roses, shrubs and other ornamental plants. We recommend using bi-weekly during growing season for the best results. Some plants may be sensitive to oils. It is always advisable to test on one small area of your plant and leave it for a few days before full treatment. Do not spray directly onto blooms.

The dual action formula combines a physical barrier and strengthens the plants natural defences, as well as being kind to your garden as this product is safe for bees and around pets.

When to use: From early spring to late summer, apply every 2 weeks directly on the leaves. The frequency of application is key to achieve optimal plant protection and barrier resistance to pests. Spray in calm conditions, avoiding bright sunlight, drought and frosts. Do not use during high temperature above 25 degrees c.

The bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic.

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