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Slug Gone Repellent 1L

Product code: D5-020

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Vitax Slugs Gone Wool Pellets Deterrent Effective Slug Snail Barrier Organic 1L

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Vitax Slugs Gone -1L

Slug Gone is the natural, organic way to keep slugs and snails away from plants. Popular amongst environmentally-conscious and organic gardeners, Slug Gone is 100% natural and derived from British wool.

Slug Gone is applied to the soil below the plant to create a irritating, absorbent mat that works as a natural slug repellent. It prevents slugs and snails from reaching the plant, whilst adding nutrients to the soil and locking in moisture.

Biodegradable, contains naturally occurring slow release nutrients to help feed plants. Its minute fibres form a mat which is an irritant to slugs and absorbs moisture from the slug#s foot. Improves water retention. Containing naturally occurring nutrients, Slug Gone consists of a biodegradable protein fibre which releases nitrogen, potassium, sulphur and other trace elements essential for plant growth.

To deter slugs and other gastropods, simply lay the pellets around the stems of plants. For best results, add Slug Gone in a 10cm radius around the plant, then add water to cause the fibres to bond.

The swollen wool pellets form a felt which makes it difficult for slugs to travel across. The wool pellet mat also contains abrasive particles which irritate the slug#s foot, physically deterring the slug and creating a 100% natural barrier.

Safe to use around children and pets, Slug Gone can also be used to protect against cabbage root fly.

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