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Vitax Azalea Feed 900g Pouch

Product code: I6-018

  • £6.09

Vitax Azalea Ericaceous Plant Food Rhododendron & Shrub Fertiliser 900g Pouch

Vitax Azalea Rhododendron & Shrub Fertiliser 900g.

For healthy growth and flowering of ericaceous plants, Azalea, Rhododendron & Shrub Fertiliser is perfect for acid-loving plants. An organic-based feed with added iron, it can be used for heathers, conifers, magnolia, skimmia, camellia, berberis, hydrangea, pernettya, raspberry and blueberry plants.

This fertiliser is ideal for acid loving plants, helping them thrive in both neutral and acid soils, producing bigger blooms, greener leaves and robust plants.

Azalea, Rhododendron & Shrub Fertiliser: Helps prevent yellowing of the leaves. Promotes robust growth and abundant flowering. Easy to handle and apply pellets. For established plants, sprinkle pellets at the base of the plant and incorporate into the soil. Feed twice; apply the first dressing at the start of the growing season in March/April and again at first flowering.

Regular use of Azalea Rhododendron & Shrub fertiliser, supplemented with applications of Seaweed plus Iron or Sequestered Plant Tonic will help growing conditions.

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