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Vitax Ericaceous Feed 1L

Product code: J7-022

  • £3.99

Vitax Ericaceous Feed Liquid Fertiliser Rhododendrons Azalea Camellias Food 1L

Vitax Ericaceous Feed concentrate 1L Makes 300 litres of feed.

Ideal for azaleas, camellias and rhododendrons, Liquid Ericaceous Feed is a concentrated feed with added iron and manganese to encourage the strong, healthy growth of all acid loving plants.

Promoting flowering, Liquid Ericaceous Feed has been developed as part of a new specialist range of feeds and fertilisers which meet the specific needs of gardeners looking for tailored solutions to help boost plant growth.

Liquid Ericaceous Feed: Helps all acid loving plants. Boosts leaf colour and promotes strong healthy growth and flowering.

Easy to apply, simply dilute as instructed and use in a watering can or foliar spray. If using a watering can, apply to the base of the plant and thoroughly soak the roots. Apply every two weeks from March to September. Mixed as a foliar spray, apply in the evenings but do not spray directly onto the flowers. Repeat on a weekly basis.

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