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Vitax Slug Traps

Product code: WH6-004

  • £5.49

Beer Slug & Snail Traps 2 Vitax Reusable Traps Organic Gardening Pet Child Safe

Vtax pack of 2 reusable slug & snail traps.

Slugs can cause havoc in your garden as they munch on flowers and crops, but if you are looking for a trap to keep the slugs away then Vitax Slug Traps are the perfect solution.

Suitable for organic gardens, Vitax Slug Traps are easy-to-use and will protect your garden without the need for pesticides.

Contains two, easy-to-set, reusable traps.
Ideal for use around children and pets.
Simple, effective and discreet.

Perfect for family gardens, the traps are easy to use and can be used time and time again. Simply place the trap base into the ground so that the top is level with the ground. Fill the base three quarters full with water or beer, then add two teaspoons of salt and re-attach the lid.

Regularly check the trap and remove any slugs from the trap.

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