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9LOrchid Compost Brick

Product code: J6-019

  • £4.29

Coco & Coir Orchid Compost Brick Compact Potting Mix Makes 9L Peat Free Soil

Coco & Coir Orchid Compost Block # Makes 9L Of Compost.

SPECIALIST ORCHID POTTING MIX : Coco coir husk chips and coconut fibres have been perfectly mixed to create the ideal conditions for orchids to thrive. With balanced nutrients perfectly suited to all types of orchids you can be sure of a higher number of larger orchid flowers.

ORCHID BARK REPLACEMENT : Coconut coir husk chip replacement performs better than original pine bark. Achieve optimal levels of water drainage with coconut husk chips which are sustainable and responsibly sourced, without cutting down trees. A natural byproduct of the coconut industry.

NATURAL POTASSIUM FOR BLOOMING FLOWERS : Coir contains naturally occurring potassium, which is released as the coir breaks down and naturally enhances plant and flower development.

EASY TO STORE AND USE - Lightweight, compact, easy to store and use compressed coir bricks. Each 1kg block makes an impressive 9L coir compost. No lifting heavy bags again and can be stored in a cupboard. Simply add water to expand and use!

GUARANTEED FUNGUS FLY FREE : Sciarid flies cannot survive the processing of coco coir compost bricks. Our products will never introduce pests and flies into your home to breed and harm your beautiful plants.

Remove outer packaging.
Add coir compost block to container.
Add warm water 2.5 litres for 9 litres of compost.
Fluff up with a trowel # and use!

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