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Coco Peat Brick

Product code: K15-023

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Coco Peat Brick Coir Compost Block 10L Coconut Potting Fibre Compressed Soil

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Coco peat brick.

This natural Coco Coir compost Brick will provide an organic solution to increasing porosity by keeping soil loose and airy, meaning your potting mix will produce better growth and a higher yield.

Simple and easy to use, just place the brick in a suitable pot or container, add 5 litres of water and allow to soak, mix the compost and allow the brick to expand. Leave for approximately 20 minutes. Once the brick has expanded, the mixture should turn light and fluffy once stirred leaving your coco fibre ready to use.

Once mixed, one brick will expand and create up to 10L of potting fibre. It is made up of 100% coir potting fibre, providing you with an eco friendly growing medium. Environmentally friendly and longer lasting than standard peat moss. Perfect for use in flower beds, pots and hanging baskets.

Not only can this coco fibre be used in and around the garden, it can also be used in reptile houses or for worm bedding too. One brick will fill up to 2 x 10 inch hanging baskets or 1 x 12 inch hanging basket. L21cm x W 10.5cm x D 6cm.

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