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2 Tee Hinges 250mm

Product code: H6-007

  • £2.49

2 Black Steel Tee Hinges 250mm Garden Gate Shed Door Hinge 10 Inch 1.7mm Leaf

Pack of 2 black tee hinges 250mm.

This pair of 250mm tee hinges in black is a functional and decorative hardware solution commonly used for hanging doors, gates, and other outdoor structures.

The tee hinges are made of durable and weather-resistant steel. The black finish adds a sleek and stylish touch while providing protection against rust and corrosion. Tee hinges allow for smooth and reliable swinging motion of doors or gates. The design distributes the weight evenly, providing stability and preventing sagging over time.

The size of each hinge is 250mm, indicating the length of the hinge from end to end. This size is suitable for various applications, including larger doors, garden gates, or any outdoor structure that requires durable and reliable hardware.

Tee hinges are surface-mounted, meaning they are installed on the surface of the door and its frame. They are attached with screws, and the "T" part of the hinge is visible when the door is closed, adding a decorative element.

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