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50 Floss Picks

Product code: A0-005

  • £1.29

50 Dental Floss Picks Plaque Remover Tool Claradent Oral Tooth Flossing Picks

Claradent pack of 50 oral flossing picks.
Dental care helps prevent gum disease by removing unwanted food and plaque from between the teeth where brushing can#t always reach.
A dental floss pick is a small plastic tool with a curved end that holds a piece of dental floss. And there's a bonus, the other end of a floss pick features a small plastic pick that can be used instead of a wooden toothpick to remove large food particles that can get caught along the gum line or between the teeth.
Featuring a super strong and shred resistant thread, these tooth picks are quick and simple to use, convenient for taking a little extra care of your teeth during your daily cleaning routine.

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