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Foil Pipe Insulation

Product code: F13-017

  • £4.99

Superfoil Pipe Wrap Insulation Bubble Wrap Pipe & Duct Winter Protection 80mm

SuperFOIL pipe insulation 80mm x 7.5M

Lightweight and Flexible, SuperFOIL Pipe Insulation is Quick and Easy to Install, even Around Bends, Just Wrap Around Pipes or Ducts in a Spiral Motion and Secure with SuperFOIL Foil Tape.

High Specification- Constructed with Two Ultra-Low Emissivity Outer Layers to Prevent the Transfer of Radiant Heat and an Internal Bubble Structure to Provide Core Insulation that Delivers Maximal Thermal Resistance, Materials are Waterproof and Designed to restrict Condensation.

Thermal Control - Ideal for use on Pipes and Ducts to Prevent Heat Loss and Over Cooling, a Simple Solution to Retain Energy, Save Money and Avoid Some Hefty Repair Bills. The Radiant Barrier Properties also Protect Pipes from Solar Gain and Overheating, Keeping Temperatures Regulated Year-Round.

Universal Application- Fits all Diameters of Pipe and Duct and Can also Wrap Multiple Pipes Together, Thin Profile Allows SuperFOIL Pipe Insulation to fit through Small Gaps between Wall and Pipe. Can be used Indoors and Outdoors on Air or Water Systems.

TRUSTED BRAND -SuperFOIL Reflective Insulation Products are Independently Tested to Comply with Relevant UK Building Regulations for use in Construction and meet European Regulations such as CE. These Assessments are Carried out by Notified Bodies and 3rd party Certified Laboratories.

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