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1.8L Thermal Flask

Product code: F12-017

  • £17.99

1 Thermal Flask Glass Vacuum Insulated Thermos Flask Hot Cold Drinks Soup 1.8L

1.8L Thermal drinks flask. One supplied at random.

This robust thermal 1.8 litre glass lined flask comes with 2 cups and will hold enough liquid to make 8 cups of either hot or cold drinks. The flask is designed to keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours, perfect for work or days out.

The flask features a twist and pour stopper which allows you to pour your drink without removing the stopper, providing a steadier and more controlled pour as well as preventing unwanted spill. The two interlocking cups fit securely on the top of the flask, ready to hand to serve and share wherever you go.

Measuring 38cm in height approx, and its generous 1.8L capacity, this large family flask is a must have accessory. Not only can it be used for holt and cold drinks, it can be used for hot soup too!

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