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2lb Foil Pudding Bowls

Product code: F10-015A

  • £1.29

2 2lb Foil Pudding Basins Aluminium Foil Baking Dishes Christmas Pudding Bowl

Pack of 2 2lb foil pudding bowls.

These 2lb Aluminium Foil Pudding Bowls are versatile and convenient containers used for baking, serving, and storing a variety of dishes, particularly puddings and baked goods.

These pudding bowls are made of aluminium foil, a material that is known for its heat-resistant properties. It can withstand the high temperatures associated with baking and cooking. The bowls have a 2lb (pound) capacity, making them suitable for various recipes that require a specific portion size. This size is commonly used for servings of puddings, small cakes, custards, and other desserts. D 16cm x H 8cm Approx.

Aluminium is an excellent conductor of heat, ensuring that your puddings and baked goods cook evenly and thoroughly. It helps prevent hot spots that can lead to uneven cooking. One of the advantages of using aluminium foil bowls is that they provide easy release. Puddings and baked goods are less likely to stick to the foil, which simplifies serving and minimises waste.

While they are commonly used for desserts like puddings and mini cakes, these bowls can also be used for a wide range of other dishes, including individual casseroles, quiches, and even small side dishes. Perfect for individual Christmas puddings and Steak and kidney puddings.

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