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Crepe Maker

Product code: J3A-002

  • £29.99

Daewoo Electric Crepe Maker Non Stick Pancake Hot Plate 1000W T Stick & Folder

Daewoo electric crepe maker.

Creating a healthy appetising crepe has never been easier with this quick and easy appliance which helps you to create crepes, pancakes, omelette, blinis, chapatis and more, fast and efficiently on a 1000W 30cm non stick plate. The perfect size for a delicious dessert.

The handy built-in variable temperature dial helps you to control cooking and achieve the perfect crepe. Along with a raised plate edge for portion control, and with guidance form the T stick included, you will master crepe making in no time.

The hot plate has a non stick coating allowing you to use less oil for healthier snacks and can be continuously used to make your master crepes. Its non stick surface also ensures the appliance is easy to clean after use.

Included in the box is a wooden T stick which helps to spread out your mixture whist remaining gentle on the non stick coating along with a wooden folding spatula for folding and lifting.

An all day delicious snack whether its sweet or savoury!

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