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Square Air Fryer Skewer Rack

Product code: F13-012A

  • £3.29

Square Air Fryer Skewer Rack Grill With 4 Metal Kebab Vegetable Skewers 17cm

17cm Square Air Fryer Rack With 4 Skewers.

Elevate your air frying experience with this versatile square Air fryer rack, complete with 4 metal cooking skewers. The rack is ideal for maximising your air fryer's capacity and cooking a variety of foods, helping you to prepare delicious and evenly cooked meals with ease.

Constructed from durable, food-grade metal, ensuring longevity and resistance to rust and corrosion. The rack is sturdy enough to hold various types of food, from vegetables to meats and other creating cooking ingredients. Each skewer measures approximately 17.5cm

Compact yet spacious enough to fit most standard air fryers, providing additional cooking space for your culinary creations. The elevated design allows for multi-layer cooking, promoting better air circulation around the food for crispy, evenly cooked results. Size: 17cm x 17cm x 7cm approx.

Whether you're preparing a quick weeknight dinner or entertaining guests, this rack will help you achieve perfectly cooked dishes every time.

Hand wash only. Not suitable for use in the microwave.

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