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Silicone Egg Bite Mould

Product code: B1-006

  • £3.49

Grey Silicone Air Fryer Egg Bite Mould Mini Muffin Omelette Maker 7 Section 16cm

Grey silicon egg bite mould16cm

This grey silicone air fryer egg bite mould with a 16cm diameter and seven sections, along with a silicone lid, offers a convenient and versatile way to create delicious and healthy egg bites and other bite-sized treats.

With a 16cm diameter, this mould provides seven individual sections, allowing you to create multiple egg bites or other small snacks simultaneously. The silicone lid fits snugly over the mould, helping to seal in moisture and flavors during cooking. Each section measures approximately 4cm in diameter x 3.5cm in depth.

The mould's design is perfect for making egg bites, mini quiches, muffins, cheesecakes, brownie bites, and more. Each section provides a convenient portion size for easy serving and snacking.

The silicone material ensures that your cooked food easily releases from the mould without sticking, tearing, or leaving residues behind. This non-stick feature simplifies cleaning and ensures that your food retains its shape and texture.

The silicone mould is heat-resistant and can withstand typical cooking temperatures, making it suitable for use in air fryers, ovens, microwaves, and even freezers. Always follow recommended temperature guidelines for safe cooking.

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