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Victoria Sponge Worktop Saver

Product code: D2-012

  • £6.99

Glass Worktop Saver Recipe Chopping Board Victoria Sponge Cake Large Protector

Victoria sponge work top saver.

This cream-coloured tempered glass multi-purpose worktop saver makes a great accessory to any kitchen or catering area. The smooth glass surface helps to protect your worktop from scratches, stains and other day to day wear and tear. Ideal for a busy kitchen.

A large spacious work top saver measuring 45cm x 35cmx 3mm featuring an easy to read full step by step recipe on how to make and bake a classic Victoria sponge cake. A simple and easy to follow guide suitable for anyone to follow. Whip up a quick tasty cake in no time!

The tough tempered glass material creates an extra strong work top saver compared to your typical glass, which also results in the glass breaking into small chunks rather than shattering into shards if you were to have an accident.

The worktop saver comes complete with four raised rubber feet which helps to reduce slippage on your chosen surface. Cream in colour ensures the work top saver won't look out of place in any kitchen, modern or traditional

A must have for all those cake baking lovers.

Hand wash only.

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