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Zip Quickstart Firelighter

Product code: K7-022

  • £1.30

Zip Quickstart Firelighter Block Instant Light Chimenea Firepit Firelighter 150g

Zip Quickstart firelighter block 150g

The Zip Quickstart Firelighter Block is a convenient and efficient fire-starting product designed to make lighting fires, whether for heating or recreational purposes, a quick and hassle-free experience.

Easy-to-Use: Using the Quickstart Firelighter Block is incredibly easy. Simply place it in your fireplace, wood-burning stove or campfire pit, and light the wrapper to get started. This convenient Quickstart firelighter replaces the need for papers and kindling.

Fast Ignition: What sets this firelighter block apart is its ability to ignite quickly and consistently. Burning for up to 45 minutes, producing a strong and steady flame, ready for you to add logs, coal or other fuels. Versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications, including fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, campfires, and even in emergency situations where a dependable heat source is needed.

In summary, the Zip Quickstart Firelighter Block is a dependable and efficient fire-starting solution that simplifies the process of lighting fires in various settings. Its quick ignition, clean-burning properties, and versatile applications make it a valuable tool for anyone who enjoys the warmth and ambiance of a well-lit fire. Whether you're at home or in the great outdoors, this firelighter block help you get your fire started quickly and effectively.

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