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Warma Kindling Wood 3kg

Product code: P002A

  • £5.79

Warma Premium kindling Wood Sticks Kiln Dried BBQ Fire Stove Burner Large 3kg

Warma Kindling Wood Large Box 3kg.

Warma Premium Dense Kiln Dried Kindling Wood is a high-quality and essential firewood product that is perfect for starting fires in your fireplace, wood-burning stove, or campfire. Warma Premium Dense Kiln Dried Kindling Wood is known for its quality. It's carefully selected and processed to ensure it's free from moisture, making it ideal for efficient fire starting.

This kindling wood has undergone a kiln drying process, which significantly reduces its moisture content. Kiln drying ensures that the wood ignites easily and burns cleanly, producing less smoke and more heat. The term "dense" in the product name indicates that this kindling wood is carefully chosen for its high wood density. Dense kindling wood burns hotter and longer, making it an effective choice for starting fires.

The kindling wood is cut into convenient, small-sized pieces that are easy to handle and arrange. These pieces are perfect for igniting larger logs or fuel. Thanks to its low moisture content, this kindling wood ignites quickly and effectively, making it an excellent choice for quickly getting your fire started.

You can use this kindling wood not only for indoor fireplaces and stoves but also for outdoor applications like campfires, fire pits, and wood-fired ovens. This large box contains approximately 110 Kindling stocks and has a packed weight of 3kg. (may vary due to dryness of wood).

Packed in a fully recyclable box made form 100% recycled materials too, helping you to be more eco friendly towards our planet.

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