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Hotspot Chimney Cleaner 750g

Product code: B10-028A

  • £12.49

Hotspot Flue Free Chimney Cleaner Combustible Granules Removes Tar Creosote 750g

HOTSPOT Flue Free Chimney Cleaner 750g

Flue Free is a specially formulated granular deposit conditioner which breaks down creosote and tar deposits that coat combustion areas and chimney interiors - a problem experienced with most solid fuel stoves and fires. Flue Free helps to maintain clean chimneys for maximum efficiency, lower fuel consumption and reduces the risk of chimney fires. Suitable for use with stainless steel flues.

Flue Free Chimney Cleaner can also effectively clean soot and debris that may accumulate in the chimney, improving the overall efficiency and safety of your heating system. Regular chimney cleaning with a product like Flue Free is essential for safety. It reduces the risk of chimney fires and carbon monoxide buildup in your home.

It works by rising into the chimney on the flue gases. On contact, flue free reacts with the acids in the tar/creosote deposits and fluidises them. Absorbents in flue free then soak up these fluids, producing a shrivelling or drying action, which weakens the bonding with the chimney surface. These deposits eventually fall back down the chimney or are removed more easily by sweeping.

Flue Free Chimney Cleaner is versatile and can be used in various heating systems that have chimneys or flues, including wood-burning stoves, fireplaces, and gas or oil furnaces with chimney connections. Suitable for use with all flues, including those lined with stainless steel.

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