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Fireplace Match Holder

Product code: L4-007

  • £7.99

Fireplace Match Holder Bucket Matt Black Iron Stove Accessory For XL Matches

Hearth & Home Metal Match Holder.

This Hearth & Home Metal Fireplace Match Holder is a practical and decorative accessory designed to keep matches readily available for lighting a fireplace or other fire-related needs. The match holder is constructed from a strong durable iron and has a rustic black coated matt black finish which adds a charming and timeless touch to your fireplace area.

The primary purpose of a fireplace match holder is to keep matches conveniently located near the fireplace. It provides easy access to matches when you need to light a fire, ensuring you don't have to search for matches in drawers or other locations.

This handy match holders has a built-in striking compartment for you to slot in your own striking surface. This surface is rough and designed for igniting matches safely and easily (not included).

The free standing bucket will compliment any fireside, while adding a touch of style and charm to your hearth. It serves as a functional and safe solution for keeping matches at the ready, enhancing the overall experience of lighting a fire in your fireplace.

Overall the holder measures approximately 20cm in height and 7cm in diameter.

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