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Fast Grass Lawn Seed 1.68kg

Product code: WH6-012

  • £16.99

Miracle-Gro Fast Grass Lawn Seed 4 Day Germination 56m2 1.68kg Pet Friendly

Miracle Gro Evergreen fast grass 1.68kg.

Miracle-Gro EverGreen Fast Grass Lawn Seed contains Headstart Gold, a revolutionary grass seed coating that ensures rapid 4-day germination. It is a professional grade seed for superior results which are suitable for all lawn types.

Our revolutionary Headstart Gold coating holds nutrients that stimulate the seed to develop and grow, which ensures faster germination. Thanks to the special seed blend you can expect germination in just 4 days. * Under ideal conditions. Avoid sowing in very hot and dry conditions; equally avoid cold conditions to get the best results. If the soil is cooler germination will take longer, maybe up to 28 days.

Watersmart grass technology grows strong roots for optimum absorption of water and nutrients. All our products exceed stringent Government regulations and are suitable for use as directed in areas where children and pets have access.

For use on lawns requiring rapid germination. 1.68kg covers an area of approximately 56m2.

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