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Flying Falcon

Product code: F13-002

  • £14.99

Flying Falcon Bird Deterrent Scarer Bird Of Prey Lawn Garden Pest Protection

Flying falcon bird deterrent.

This life-like bird of prey shaped deterrent repels bird pests such as pigeons, seagulls and crows from roosting and nesting in outdoor, garden areas. It also helps to protect your newly seeded lawn, vegetable crops, fish ponds, washing lines and fruit trees too.

A humane falcon bird scarer which has natural colouring and life-like features to ensure effectiveness against garden bird pests and 100% safe for use around children and pets. The Flying Falcon comes complete with hanging system for easy set-up in gardens or vulnerable roosting sites in buildings. As it moves in the wind this life-like predator deters other birds naturally and without doing them harm.

The Stooping bird of prey has a wingspan of approximately 21 inches. Its lightweight yet durable, weather-proof material ensures the bird repellent is suitable for year-round use, protecting gardens, boats, fruit trees and newly seeded lawns.

One or two falcons should protect a small garden. For larger sized gardens use serval units. Install before seeding or fruit ripening for efficient results. For the most effective results, move the falcon decoy deterrent from time to time to prevent bird pests getting used to them.

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