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Provanto Smart Bug Killer 1L

Product code: H7-034

  • £6.99

Provanto Smart Bug Killer Spray 3 In 1 RTU Insecticide Fruit Veg Plant Spray 1L

Provanto Smart Bug Killer 3 in 1 action 1L

Provanto Smart Bug Killer is a ready to use insecticide for use in the home, garden, greenhouse or conservatory. It can be used on a whole range of crops such as ornamentals, apples and fruiting vegetables such as tomato, peppers, chilli and cucumbers.

Provanto Smart Bug killer is a synthetic insecticide, for the control of suckling pests such as aphids, leaf hoppers, scale insects and whiteflies. The active ingredient Flupyradifurone is a new foliar insecticide belonging to the butanolide chemical class. It acts by contact or after ingestion and has systematic properties. It kills pests on contact but also works from inside the plant to control future pest attacks.

Pests stop feeding within 1 hour, leaving visible results within 24 hours. After treatment it provides control and protection for up to 8 weeks.

1L treats up to 11m2.

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