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ALM 1L Fuel Mixing Bottle

Product code: B12-002

  • £5.99

ALM 1L Fuel Mixing Bottle 2 Stroke Petrol Ratio Bottle Chainsaw Strimmer Oil

Premium 2 stoke fuel mixing bottle 1L.

This specially designed mixing bottle allows you to accurately measure and mix 2 stroke oil with petrol in the correct ratio for your machinery.

Featuring clear graduation marks for ratios 50/1 40/1 32/1 and 25/1, this handy bottle is perfect for mixing fuels for your chainsaw, grass trimmer, brushcutter and any other 2 stroke garden power tool. The secure screw top lid helps to prevent spills, whilst the angled pouring spout helps to pour more easily at a controlled pace.

Simple and easy to use, just fill the bottle with fuel to one of the litre markings, and then add oil to the desired ratio mark. A quick shake and you have fuel mixed at the perfect ratio that your machine requires.

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