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Plastic Mower Blades QT028

Product code: G5-004

  • £4.99

20 Bosh Qualcast Plastic Lawn Mower Blades QT028 Replacement Hoversafe Blades

Pack of 20 ALM Qualcast & Bosh Plastic Lawnmower Blades.

Product Description:
Ensure your lawnmower operates at peak efficiency with this Pack of 20 Plastic Lawnmower Blades. Designed to fit a variety of popular lawnmower models, these blades are the perfect replacement to keep your lawn looking its best. Compatible with Bosch and Qualcast models, these durable blades provide a clean, precise cut, ensuring your lawn stays neat and healthy.

High Compatibility:
Fits a wide range of Bosch and Qualcast lawnmowers, including:
Bosch ALM28
Bosch ALM30
Bosch ART23LI
Bosch ART23 Accutrim
Bosch ART23 Easytrim Accu
Qualcast Hoversafe 25/30
Qualcast Mow'n'Trim
Qualcast Easi-Lite 28/30
Qualcast Rota Safe 30

Made from high-quality plastic, these blades are built to withstand regular use and tough lawn conditions. Ensures long-lasting performance and reliability. Optimal Cutting Performance: Provides a clean and precise cut, promoting healthier grass and a better-looking lawn. Reduces the need for frequent mowing by ensuring an even cut every time.

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