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Radiator Reflector Foil

Product code: G10-006

  • £19.99

Radiator Foil Reflector Insulation Sheet Energy Saving Home Heating 4M x 47cm

Radiator reflector foil sheet.

Help to reduce heat loss in and around your home with this reflective foil radiator sheet. Fitting a radiator sheet will reflect all of the heat back into your room to reduce heat loss by up to 50%. This will then reduce the energy required to heat up your home. Saving you money on your energy bills this winter!

This pack contains one folded large sheet which measures approximately 4M x 47cm giving you a coverage of 1.88 sq.m. This reflective sheet is recommended by British gas and the solid fuel advisory service. A guaranteed simple and easy solution for keeping your home warmer and energy bills lower.

The easy to apply sheet can be installed in minutes. Once your radiator is switched off, you can cut the sheet to size using a sharp knife or scissors making approximate slits for your radiator brackets. This ensures maximum wall coverage without being viable.

Once cut to size, apply heavy duty wallpaper paste or adhesive or double-sided sticky pads to the reverse of the foil and slide into place behind your radiator. Press firmly to secure using a roller or batten taking care to squeeze out any trapped air. Allow to dry before turning your radiator back on.

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