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12 Oven Roasting Bags

Product code: C4-015

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12 Large Oven Roasting Bags Chicken Turkey Fish Veg Microwave Steam Bag 38x25cm

Pack of 12 oven roasting bags.

Sealapack roasting bags offer you a simpler way to roast poultry, meat, fish and vegetables. Roasting is a dry heat cooking process and is one of the most popular methods used for cooking turkey and chicken.

The roasting process can evaporate and reduce moisture content of any type of meat or poultry, shrinking the fibres and making the meat tougher. However with these easy to use roasting bags, you can cook your food in its own juices creating a much more flavoursome meal.

Each bag measures approximately 38cm x 25cm, and is made from a high heat resistant polyester film. They can be used in microwave ovens for defrosting and cooking purposes and withstand heat of up to 200 degrees c.

The handy bags help to prevent spills and splattering. They are quick and easy to use and perfect for practically any oven cooked food. From beef, Lamb, Turkey, Pork or fish, these versatile oven bags will have you cooking up mess free meals in no time at all.

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