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Colander Plate Cover Strainer

Product code: I5-021

  • £3.49

Collapsible Colander Microwave Plate Cover Splatter Guard Kitchen Strainer Sieve

Heat & Eat Microwave plate cover colander & strainer.

This handy collapsible microwave cover helps keep food moist and keeps the inside of your microwave clean by preventing food splatter whilst heating and cooking food. The integrated vented holes around the top of the cover allow steam to release evenly, preventing condensation and steam buildup, which ensures your meal doesn#t overcook or dry out.

The versatile cover has been designed for multiple purposes around the kitchen. It is designed to fit most small plates and bowls, up to a maximum diameter of 25cm. It can be used to cover dishes in the microwave and on a worktop. It can also be used as a makeshift colander, straining water to clean fresh produce, such as fruit, salad and vegetables.

Strong and durable, made from high heat-resistant plastic which easy to clean. Fully dishwasher safe for an easy clean up after even the messiest meal preparation. The cover is freezer safe, BPA free and food safe too and the collapsible design allows for convenient storage when not in use. Simply tuck away in the cupboard or drawer.

When open the cover measures 8cm in height and 26.5cm in diameter approx. When collapsed the cover measures 3cm in height x 26.5cm in diameter approx.

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