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Warma Softwood Logs 7kg

Product code: P023A

  • £5.75

Warma Softwood Kiln Dried Logs Firewood Firepit Chimenea Pizza Oven Logs 7kg

Warma Softwood Logs 7kg. (When Packed).

Warma Softwood Kiln Dried Logs are premium quality firewood logs that have undergone a specific drying process to make them highly efficient and convenient for use in various heating and burning applications.

These logs are made from softwood, which are sourced from well managed woodlands. Softwood is known for its quick ignition and high heat output. The term "kiln dried" indicates that the logs have been carefully dried in a controlled environment using a kiln. This process removes moisture from the wood, reducing the moisture content to a specific level, typically below 20%. Kiln drying ensures that the logs are ready to burn and produce a clean, efficient, and consistent fire.

The "ready to burn" aspect means that these logs are fully prepared for immediate use. There's no need for additional drying or seasoning, making them a convenient choice for heating, fireplaces, wood stoves, pizza ovens or outdoor fire pits.

Warma Softwood Kiln Dried Logs Ready to Burn offer convenience, saving you time and effort compared to using freshly cut or seasoned wood that requires additional drying time. Using kiln-dried wood is more environmentally friendly because it results in cleaner combustion and fewer emissions, making it a sustainable choice for heating.

Natural logs will vary in size and weight. The bag is 7kg when packed.

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